Monday, August 4, 2008

Poll #51: "What do you think of third-party software on the Wii so far?" results, banner, back in business

Just as I promised, folks, One Duck's Opinion is back in action, right on schedule. So then, poll results!

"Fantastic!" 0 votes (0%)
"Good" 8 votes (26%)
"Okay" 9 votes (30%)
"Bad" 10 votes (33%)
"Terrible!" 2 votes (6%)
"I don't know" 1 vote (3%)

Can't say I'm at all surprised with this turn out. With crap like Ninjabread Man, Far Cry: Vengeance and Alvin and the Chipmunks clogging Wii displays at local Wal-Marts, it's pretty obvious that a large amount of the third-parties are doing very little right on the Wii. To those that actually seem to give a crap, I salute you.

I'm not exactly sure why I made this banner. I needed something quick, and this sort of just happened. Uh... Enjoy, I guess.

Finally, there's the matter of this week's poll: "How much do you want The Conduit?". High Voltage is really proving that third-parties can make awesome Wii games, and I'm highly anticipating the release of their sci-fi shooter. However, not having it anytime soon isn't exactly killing me. I want it, but I'm not desperate.

New article coming up in a bit!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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