Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What else could Nintendo have in store for the Wii?

It's after 1 AM, and I'm only just now starting to write. Not my best scheduling ever.

At any given time, Nintendo has literally dozens of games in development. As of this writing, we know of only twelve or so. What else could they be working on? Here are a few of my guesses.

First off, I'm almost positive Nintendo has a new Star Fox in the works. Both Shigeru Miyamoto and series creator Takaya Imamura have spoken about a Star Fox Wii in the past hypothetically. Really, it's a no-brainer that this game will happen. Just look at that control scheme! The Wii remote is a natural fit for flying the Arwing, and I'm somewhat surprised to have not seen anything yet. Perhaps it will use the Wii MotionPlus? That would explain the drought of news so far.

Next, I'm thinking that a new Excite Truck is on the way. There's too much potential in this game to just not have a sequel. It had a few problems, yes, like a limited, two-player-only multiplayer and no online at all, but the potential was amazing. I'm sure Nintendo is thinking the same thing, and a sequel is almost certainly at least in the planning stages. This, too, could take advantage of Wii MotionPlus, allowing for more precise and accurate steering, as well as some new tricks. Man, now I'm really pumped for this... Make it happen, Nintendo!

With the recent news regarding Kuju developing another Wii game, thoughts of Battalion Wars 3 immediately surfaced. I love the Battalion Wars series (Published by Nintendo), and the second title proved just how well the franchise fits with the Wii control scheme. A third game developed by Kuju looks like a good bet, and the MotionPlus could definitely become a part of it. I can just imagine the amazingly-precise aerial combat controls... It's official: This needs to happen.

I'm thinking that another WarioWare game may also be in development. Just imagine, Wario's insanity mixed with the Balance Board... Totally nuts. Pack the Balance Board in with the game, and you've got a winner. Standing on one foot, leaning to avoid projectiles, and even stepping off the board at the right time are all possible uses for the Balance Board, and I can see them fitting in very well with the WarioWare formula. I'd honestly be more surprised if Nintendo isn't working on this.

Another Metroid also seems pretty likely. Corruption proved just how amazing a first-person shooter could be on the Wii, and I doubt Nintendo would just use that formula once and then leave it to die. Sure, Retro may not be behind it this time around, but the potential is too great to go ignored. The controls in Corruption were just so darn amazing, I want to experience them all over again, and then some. I just know some more amazing uses for the controller could be thought up. Nintendo surely won't let this opportunity pass them by.

So there you have it, five possibilities for upcoming Wii games. I'm nearly positive at least three of these will appear on the Wii sometime in it's lifespan. The only question now is when.

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