Monday, August 18, 2008

Poll #53: "What do you think of Pokémon Platinum?" results, banner

"It looks amazing!" 7 votes (25%)
"Could be fun" 9 votes (32%)
"I don't care all that much for it" 3 votes (10%)
"Enough freaking Pokémon already!" 4 votes (14%)
"I don't know" 1 votes (3%)
"Wait, there's a Pokémon Platinum now?" 4 votes (14%)

Well, that's a majority of positive votes. I suppose I can't blame those who voted negatively, though. Pokémon isn't for everyone, and there sure is a lot of it...

Hey, look at this banner! Yes, I finally managed to make something this week, and I tried something a little different (In more ways than one). First of all, this banner has nothing to do with Nintendo. It's all about Team Fortress 2, folks! I really, really love me some Team Fortress 2. Probably the best online shooter I have ever, EVER played. Also, check out what I did with the site name. I thought that was an interesting idea. Really blends in with the image, without standing out. I always found that to be a problem, but that isn't the case today!

Alright, that just leaves the matter of this weeks poll: "What do you think of Nintendo's upcoming Wii releases?" If we narrow it down to the games with release dates, that leaves just Mario Super Sluggers and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Not very much, huh? Just be happy Nintendo isn't the only company developing for the Wii, and also be glad that third parties are starting to step up their game.

New article may or may not be up tonight. If not, I'll make a post saying I'm lazy and terrible at keeping schedules.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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