Monday, August 25, 2008

Poll #54: "What do you think of Nintendo's upcoming Wii releases?" results, no banner

"Plenty of games for me" 4 votes (14%)
"I can deal with this" 7 votes (25%)
"Not too happy..." 8 votes (28%)
"Not enough games, stranger." 9 votes (32%)
"I don't know" 0 votes (0%)

Well, can't say that I'm surprised. As for what we know of, Nintendo's upcoming Wii releases are pretty sad. I just hope they have a few games they just aren't talking about.

So... No new banner this week. Nope, couldn't think of a single banner that didn't suck in the end. Sorry! If you want to, you can always submit a banner to me in this thread, or just send it to me via the e-mail listed in the sidebar. Just make sure to follow the parameters in the thread!

This week's poll question is "One Duck's Opinion now features PC-related articles. What do you think?". I really want to make sure I didn't peeve anyone off with the change. Also, for fairness' sake, I won't be voting. Just wouldn't seem right if I did.

New article will be up later tonight!

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