Monday, December 8, 2008

Poll #68: "Who's your favourite Nintendo princess?" results, banner

"Peach" 3 votes (11%)
"Daisy" 4 votes (15%)
"Zelda" 15 votes (57%)
"No preference" 4 votes (15%)

Wow... That's quite a bit more of a landslide victory that I was expecting! Peach and Daisy should just be happy that Samus doesn't qualify as a princess, or else they'd be lucky to receive even half as many votes!

This week's banner comes to us from ryanrab1, and the theme is Left 4 Dead. I thought I loved this game before, but now that there's zombie ducks involved... I think I may begin to cry.

And finally we have this week's poll: "Which of the following do you most often play games on?" For me, it's easily the computer. The Orange Box and Garry's Mod still keep me coming back even after all this time!

Today's article will be up later on. For reals this time.

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