Monday, December 15, 2008

Poll #69: "Which of the following do you most often play games on?" results, banner, what to expect this week

"Wii" 14 votes (43%)
"DS" 8 votes (25%)
"XBox 360" 4 votes (12%)
"Playstation 3" 2 votes (6%)
"Playstation Portable" 0 votes (0%)
"Computer" 2 votes (6%)
"Cell phone" 0 votes (0%)
"Other" 2 votes (6%)
"I don't know" 0 votes (0%)

Major ouch to the PSP there. Perhaps it would have gotten a vote or two if I left the "play games" part out of the question...

This week's banner comes to us from Psychogoose, and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Hey, who says they can't celebrate the holiday in ancient Persia? Nobody, that's who! Also, the way he holds the ornament = Awesome. Great work, Mr. Goose.

This week's poll is "What do you think of the games of 2008?". A lot of people are saying that this year was kinda meh overall, but what do you think? And this is concerning all platforms, from Wii to PS3 to computer.

About this week, there will be no update tonight, and likely nothing tomorrow, either. We're getting new furniture and there's a heck of a lot of work to be done around the house, and I just have no time at all for writing as of now. Wednesday's looking good, though, as everything will probably be settled and rearranged by then.

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Anonymous said...

What about my ideas i have fealings to you know

from Coach Z

PS Its so cold in Vancouver