Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snowed in? Game on!

Hey, 400th post. How about that.

The wind howls, the snow gathers, the temperature plummets... It's Winter, alright. So what's there to do when the windrows are taller than you and it's nigh on impossible to leave the house? Game, of course! Here's a selection of games sure to make the time fly as the snow falls.

Picross DS
I play some Picross every night before I go to bed, and it's led to me staying up far too late on more than once occasion. Five minutes turns to twenty, one more puzzle turns into three, and before you know it, the sun's coming up. It's also a great game to escape from the cold of Winter, doing puzzles that turn out to be pictures of sunny beaches, fairy tales, or sporting events. If there's ever been a more pleasant way to escape to another world via a puzzle game I sure haven't played it.

Team Fortress 2

I'm sure you're all well aware of my Team Fortress 2 addiction, but even casual players of this game have to agree that this, too, is a great escape from the cold bite of Winter. Like Picross DS, one round quickly turns to several, and the minutes begin to fly just as fast as the bullets. Furthermore, almost every official Team Fortress 2 map is in a scorching-hot desert scene, quite the opposite of the frigid, icy reality outside your window. Team Fortress 2 is fantastic for escaping the cold, blustery truth of Winter, even more so when a Pyro sets you on fire. I think for the remainder of the season I'll secretly be a little thankful to every enemy Pyro I encounter. There's no warmer moment in Team Fortress 2 than being engulfed in flame!

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii, with its many modes and easy-to-connect online play, is a surefire way to while away those dull Winter afternoons. At first you sign up for just a few races, but then you're sucked into playing a veritable grand prix against people you've never met. Mario Kart Wii also serves as an excellent escape from the cold and snow drifts of Winter, with many tracks on sunny beaches, as well as more than a few surrounded by lava. I doubt there's anything hotter than sitting next to a pit of molten rock!

...okay, nothing except being in said pit. But then you'd die, and that's hardly ideal at this time of year... Or any other time of year. Anyways, just be sure to stay away from circuits like Sherbet Land and DK Summit, and you'll be fine.


While Portal's story may be only two hours long, the challenges and large selection of player-made maps do wonders to keep you busy while the windrows build up on the sidewalks. Not only that, the story mode and all its hilarious quotes are well worth experiencing many times over, instantly turning your two hour time investment into four or more. Also, there's one significantly warm part of Portal towards the end that I dare not spoil for those yet to play, but I think the words "4000 degrees Kelvin" should clue in veterans as to just what I'm talking about. Nothing like a "victory candescence" to take your mind off the twenty-below temperatures outside!

So then, there you have it: Four games great for whiling away the cold Winter months, as well as escaping the freezing-cold temperatures out there at this time of year. Let the days darken and let the snow fall, we'll stay inside and play!

What do you think of my choices? Also, what are some games you think are great for passing the time and going somewhere warmer? Feel free to let the world know in the comment section, and/or this forum thread. That's right, I said "and/or". Do both... If you think you're crazy enough.


Kyle said...

I definitely agree with Mario Kart, but I haven't played any of the others. For me, Brawl is taking up a lot of my inside Winter time. I've been smashing it up with my brother and/or friends late into each night.

karin said...

I like picross but i think Gemsweeper is ever better.I enjoyed playing Gemsweeper, a nonogram puzzle from www.lobstersoft.com.Time just flies when i play Gemsweeper and i dont mind. The game starts from a 5 by5 grid to 30 by30 grid.It has brilliant graphics, is easy to learn and whenever i got stuck there was a old man to help me with hints.It test your logical skills to the utmost.The jungle theme is exciting, makes you feel like Indiana Jones!Most importantly its non violent and even kids can play it.

Anonymous said...

remember when you didn't have to talk about games you have all ready did a reveiw on those were the good ole days but still this articel wasn't the best but still im wrighting here so oh well

from Coach Z

Anonymous said...

Picross online: Picross

karin said...

Hi again, I forgot to add a direct link to Gemsweeper, here it is http://www.lobstersoft.com.