Monday, December 22, 2008

Poll #70: "What do you think of the games of 2008?" results, banner, news

"Fantastic!" 9 votes (56%)
"Okay" 6 votes (37%)
"Awful!" 0 votes (0%)
"No opinion" 1 votes (6%)

It's kinda hard to analyze poll results when so few people respond... I guess it's time to take out some ad space again. Anyways, from the above, it appears people weren't quite as upset about this year's releases as it would seem. I guess we're all just let down after the awesomeness that was 2007.

The theme of this week's banner is, of course, the holiday season. Made in Garry's Mod by yours truly, this somewhat bizarre banner turns Half-Life 2 characters Father Grigori and Dr. Breen into Santa Claus and a reindeer, respectively. Hey, after all the crap he pulled in Half-Life 2, I'd say Breen had it coming. Now, as for why there's only Christmas-related imagery in the banner, here's the same explanation I posted last year:

"As you can see, I only included Christmas-related images. I didn't do this to exclude other religions, it's just I don't know much about Hanukkah or the other events occurring around this time. So rather than offend somebody by misusing an image in an inappropriate way, I stuck to what I knew."

I used the all-inclusive "Season's Greetings", as well, since I wish all of you a great time regardless of your religion. Now that all the explaining is through, here's the actual banner! Man this time of year's stressful...

And now for some important news: Starting this Wednesday (Christmas Eve) I will not be writing again until January 5th. It's the holiday season, and I'd like to spend as much of it as possible with my family. Due to the holidays, there will be no new poll until the regular schedule resumes, and the above banner will remain up until then as well.

One final note: There will be a little something special going up on Christmas Day, but that's all I'll tell you as of now. You'll just have to wait and see!

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