Monday, December 1, 2008

Poll #67: "Based on looks alone, which DS model do you like best?" results, banner

Minor note: This is the 200th article published this year. Not bad, huh? Anyways, poll result time:

The original DS 5 votes (13%)
DS Lite 12 votes (31%)
DSi 16 votes (42%)
I like them all 4 votes (10%)
I don't like any of them 0 votes (0%)
I don't know 1 vote (2%)

Can't say I'm too surprised here. Nintendo really has been stepping things up with each new model. Still, the shoulder buttons sort of bug me on the DSi, so I had to stick with the DS Lite. Seems like I'm not the only one! And wow, I didn't think the original would get five votes. Two or three, maybe, but five? Perhaps I underestimated the little clam shell that resembled a car hood.

This week's banner comes to us from camieman10, who, with the help of ryanrab1, has monopolized the banner-making business 'round these parts. The theme for this week is Princess Zelda, probably the most awesome of all the Nintendo princesses. Daisy's pretty close, though, but seriously, Zelda has a SWORD. No arguing with steel. know, that gives me an idea for this week's poll: "Who's your favourite Nintendo princess?" It's a battle of the girls! You already know who I'm voting for, so now it's time for the masses to speak out!

Tonight's article will be up in a bit, 'kay? 'Kay.

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