Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coming attractions

It's no secret, folks: The last week has been pretty abysmal for updates here on One Duck's Opinion. Fear not, though, for I have plenty coming your way in the next while. Tomorrow I'll be headed to a Best Buy with $200 in my pocket, and you know what that means: Plenty of new games, and tonnes of new articles. Of course, even if by some bizarre twist of fate I don't get my chance to blow $200 on software and junk tomorrow, I still have one small article just about finished (I'll probably clean it up and post it tomorrow if I have time), a few more article ideas floating about, as well as a review just about ready to get written (Nothing big, though, so don't go nuts). Whatever the case, things will be picking up around here. Just give me a couple days, and everything should be back to how it was, if not better.


Rawful said...

Righto. :)
Looking forward!

Also, I'd love for $200 to blow! :D Man I need a job...

SuperPhillip said...

It's okay. No worries.