Thursday, February 12, 2009

Previous article deleted due to massive sucking

Rant deleted. I'm a whiny bugger.

EDIT: As you can see above, I decided to forget the break and just write when I wanna. So then, basically back to business as usual.


SuperPhillip said...

What are you talking about?

Talentless? Please don't hate on yourself! You're just in a bad state right now. It's going be okay. We all have bad days, so don't let one bad article get to you. Your writing is very well thought out, entertaining to read, and thought-provoking.

Take a small break. It's okay. You've done so well with this blog. You should be so proud of yourself. I know I'm proud of you, and I'm sure your loyal readers do, too!

Kyle said...

Don't put yourself down like that. Your blog's great! I really enjoy reading just about everything you post.

Keep on postin' and I'll keep on readin'


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this kind of reaction is exactly what someone who wants to write well should have had against the kind of valid criticism seen in that article. Nobody insulted you or anything, just pointed out the clear shortcomings of an article. You should simply know better and either not write about subjects that are this deep, or put the required effort and RESEARCH into them when you do write them. Going all "fine, I give up" or whatever just cos people pointed that out isn't exactly a mature reaction.

SuperPhillip said...

I don't know what happened, but lay off him please. Don't kick him when he's down. Even if you don't think some random person's words can't hurt.

PsychoDuck said...

Believe me, Anonymous, I'm not just ignoring all the valid criticism I received over that article. I now know what to and what not to do. I need to do more research and write more about what I know. Still, I think it's best I take a little break and just don't write anything for a bit. I need to let my mind just chill out for a bit.

Thanks to all of the above commenters for their words (Including the negative ones). I'll be sure to learn from this mistake.

PsychoDuck said...

PS: It may not have been the best reaction to take, but what's done is done. As I said, I have learned from this. Thank you all again.