Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mini-Article: Gaming pranksters are getting too good

Just something short tonight... It's Good Friday, so everyone was home. Until about ten minutes ago, I thought it was Saturday, and now I have to whip up something quick for an article. Next week should be better with longer and more in-depth articles...

Earlier today, a peculiar post showed up on, claiming that a new Wario's Woods was being made for WiiWare. A few hours later, it was revealed to be nothing more than an early April Fool's Joke. I won't deny it: I was convinced that it could be real.

But, it just wasn't true. A pity, since I happened to like Wario's Woods ever since playing it on Animal Crossing. The biggest surprise about this whole thing, though, is how good people have gotten at making fake things seem real.

Seriously, today people make up a fake Wario's Woods game, and tomorrow, who knows? Earthbound DS? Final Fantasy XIV on the Wii? A good Spyro game? Nothing's too insane for the skilled prankster with too much time on his hands.

But still, I applaud Josh Thomas for this. He did some amazing stuff there, and he could have convinced hundreds of people that this game was real. Amazing stuff. If only the prank went entirely according to plan...

So then, so ends this somewhat lackluster week of updates. Feel free to whine about the inadequacy of the latest articles in the comment section, or in this forum thread.

Or you could also talk about this article on it's own. Whatever floats your boat.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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Chivalrybean said...

ON my blog I write fake news all the time, but it is so absurd that you'd be daft to believe it.

One April Fools I got fooled. I was on the google group and someone announced that the Max Payne Interactive Fiction game was in beta, with thanks for all the bullet time coding, etc. I had already posted an exuberant comment before I realized I had been had. It was funny though.