Monday, March 31, 2008

Poll #33: "Can Sonic Unleashed buck the trend of bad 3D Sonic games?" results, banner

"Yes, definitely" 7 (16%)
"Maybe" 19 (45%)
"No, Sonic is irretrievably bad at this point" 3 (7%)
"How the hell should I know?" 10 (23%)
"No opinion" 3 (7%)

It seems like people just don't know what to think of Sonic these days. It'd be great if he could recover from this downward spiral, but if it will happen is the big question.

This week's banner is the sad image of my crippled DS Lite (More details in the previous article). It lasted almost two years of nearly daily use, so it certainly earned it's $150 price tag. Thank you, NERF, for making this case! I think you can add a point to the score I gave that in the review. A life-saver!

As for this week's poll, the question is "Have you ever had a Nintendo console break after less than five years?". I ask about Nintendo consoles in particular, because I'm pretty sure we've all had an XBox 360 or Playstation 2 such break down on us at least once. Also, I'm curious to see just how many times a usually-sturdy Nintendo console has broken. The break can range from something like my DS Lite's hinge to a fully busted and refusing-to-work console. And it doesn't count if you broke it by hitting, dropping or otherwise damaging it personally. I barely touched the hinge on my DS Lite, and it broke, so I feel that qualifies as the console giving out naturally. Whether or not your console(s) situations qualify is up to you.

New article in a little bit.

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