Monday, March 17, 2008

Poll #31: "What control scheme in Brawl do you use most?" results. banner, news

Make sure to look below this post for a bonus article I wrote yesterday!

"Sideways Wiimote" 0 votes (0%)
"Wiimote and Nunchuk" 7 votes (20%)
"Classic Controller" 4 votes (11%)
"Good Ol' Gamecube controller" 12 votes (35%)
"I haven't decided on one yet" 1 vote (2%)
"I don't have Brawl." 10 votes (29%)

Can't say I'm surprised. Sticking to the most familiar method just makes sense, really. I seem to favour the Wiimote and Nunchuk configuration though... I guess I'm just weird.

So then, this week's banner comes courtesy of forum member WJUK. The theme: Wii Fit. The relevance? I dunno, Wii Fit isn't due out for a couple months yet. But it's nicely done, so thar she blows.

Alrighty. This week's poll is "Are you a 'Snaker'?". This refers to the speed-boosting technique in the Mario Kart games, most infamously Mario Kart DS (Due to online racing). Personally, I'm not a snaker, and you can see my stance on this in the below article. But how about you?

As for tonight's article, there may or may not be one. First of all, I just got Garry's Mod, so I'll be messing with that for a while. Second, I wrote something last night. I know, I said on the forums I'd write tonight, too, but... Garry's Mod, dammit. I'm gonna go make Dr. Breen do a hula dance.

If I do write, it'll be a mini-article at most. Back in full force Wednesday.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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Brian G. said...

You know, I actually like the Sideways Wiimote. The floatiness of the new game and the Gamecube controller just didn't mesh for me, and it's way easier to teach new people how to use this scheme. There may be some super-secret technique I'm missing out on by using this, but I'm having fun and am pretty content.

Biggest drawback, though? The dreaded return of Nintendo Thumb.