Monday, March 3, 2008

Poll #29: "Wii Pay to Play: What do you think?" results, banner

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" 17 (37%)
"Ah poopy. I guess I'll just have to pay up." 2 (4%)
"If the benefits are worth the cash, I'm all for it". 23 (51%)
"Hoo yeah! Bring it on! Here, take my cash now!" 1 (2%)
"I don't know" 2 (4%)

It seems that people either accept the change, or plain hate it. Well, we'll just have to wait and see how this all works out.

This week's banner is (As usual) by me. I know, Super Mario Galaxy is "so last year", but I just had to take a spin on that classic line. The banner can be permanently found below, as will be standard with all future banners.

Okay then, this brings us to the new poll: "Will you be getting Brawl on day one?"! This applies to the PAL gamers, too, just with "day one" becoming an unknown date in the far future. Anywho, I'm voting a big ol' yes on this poll. Got my pre-order slip all ready to go!

Tonight's article will be up in a few hours! As for now, I have some chores to do...

The Duck Has Spoken.

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