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Are there any other animals that haven't been made into Pokémon?

"A sequel to "What animal hasn't been made into a Pokémon?". Also, a few of those creatures listed in the first article have, in fact, been made into Pokémon. Thank you, readers, for pointing this out."

So here we are, 2008. Four generations of Pokémon now exist, with nearly every conceivable animal having become a creature in the game. But a few critters have managed to avoid Game Freak's development team, and here they are.


I'm incredibly surprised that such a common and well-known animal has yet to become a Pokémon. I mean, they've done Mankey and Primape, Aipom and Ambipom... Heck, even Chimchar, a fourth-generation starter, is a monkey! Why haven't they made the natural move from here to gorillas?

Gorillas would make great Pokémon, too. With that imposing figure, they'd be perfect as a ground (Gorearth), rock (Gorrock) or fighting (Punchilla?) type. A high attack and defense would be a must, but their speed and special stats would be low. I'd take a Punchilla onto my team any day, wouldn't you?

Sea Sponge

Are you ready kids? (Aye aye, professor!)
I can't hear you! (Aye aye, professor!)

Who lives in Pokémon and can be captured? (Not a sea sponge!)
Who will leap from it's Pokéball at your very word? (Not a sea sponge)
What can be caught on route 109? (Not a sea sponge!)
What will nibble your bait and catch on your line? (Not a sea sponge!)
Not a sea sponge! Not a sea sponge! Not a sea sponge!
Not aaaaaaa sea spoooonge!

Ahem, anyways... As you would expect, a sea sponge would be a water-type Pokémon. It would likely be a fairly standard fighter, with attacks like Water Gun and Bubbles. It would likely have high defense (Sponges can be quite stiff creatures), extremely low speed, and a fairly average special attack. Everything else would likely be a little above average. Would you want a Spongeous on your team?

Oh, and Corsola are made of coral, not sponge. Close, though.


Camels, like gorillas, are a species I'm surprised to see still avoiding Game Freak's grasp. They'd make amazing ground-types! Attacks would be along the lines of Sandstorm, Earthquake, Headbutt and Sand-Attack. Most of it's stats would be just about average, with a low defense and a slightly higher attack. It wouldn't be that much of an outstanding Pokémon, but hey, neither are many of the game's creatures.

Sandshrew, Cacturne, Hippopotas... I think a Camasand would fit in well with them.


A narwhal would make a downright awesome Pokémon. Think of it like a Wailord with a big freaking horn poking out of it's head. Tell me that doesn't sound completely awesome. A water-type with attacks like Hydro Pump, Horn Drill, Body Slam and Water Spout, a narwhal would be a force to be reckoned with if it became a Pokémon.

I suppose I can understand this one not yet being used. A narwhal is somewhat of an obscure creature, after all. That doesn't make me want it any less, though. It must be done. But... What would it be called...? "Narwhaqua"? I guess I'll leave that part to Game Freak.


Before I day anything else, no, extinct creatures are not off limits. Need I remind you of Aerodactyl? Moving on...

A Stegosaurus would be like a brick-wall Pokémon. Really high defense and special defense, but it would be really freaking slow. It would have fair attack and defense ratings, though. And it would probably be another rock-type. Stegorock? Rockasaurus? I'm no good with making up names.

Attacks would be what you'd expect from such a huge creature: Earthquake, Stomp, Body Slam, Rock Tomb... Huge, brute-force attacks. It would be one heck of a staller, great for switching in when your other Pokémon need healing. And when all your other creatures are healed, you can get in a quick Earthquake or two before it faints. Don't worry, it can take the punishment. It'll be one tough customer.


With so many horse Pokémon taking up the Pokédex, I'm incredibly surprised to have not seen a donkey sneak in somewhere. A normal-type, Holycrapitsadonkey (Hey, you think up a better name) would use attacks like Stomp, Rage, Headbutt and Skull Bash to get the job done. It would be fairly fast, with high attack and low defenses. It would hardly be a sturdy fighter, but with such a high offense, that would matter little.

Also, I wonder if breeding it with a Rapidash would produce some sort of genderless, incendiary mule... I'd put that on my team for sure. Muletov Cocktail, anyone?


Now, jackalopes may not be real animals, but.... Ah heck, I don't have to do anything here. Silly name, bizarre appearance... It's already a Pokémon! Just paint it blue and we have a winner.

Discuss how awesome Muletov Cocktails are in the comments section, or in this forum thread.

EDIT: Wow, I can't believe I forgot Camerupt and Numel... Oh well, scratch camels off the list.

The Duck Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Actually, there are two Pokemon based on a camel, Numel and Camerupt. Still a great article, I'm really surprised they haven't made a gorilla-like Pokemon yet.

alexanderpas said...

you made it to GoNintendo!

yampeku said...

camerrupt is indeed a pokemon ;)

Anonymous said...

There already is a camel pokemon...Camerupt or something.

Anonymous said...

Sorry man, camels have already been done - Numel and Camerupt from the 3rd generation took care of that.

Anonymous said...

There is a camel pokemon actually... 2 of them... They are even ground types...

Anonymous said...

You do know that Camerupt and Numel are actual Camels in the Pokémon series, right?

All the same, this is a good article non the less! Great job.

Anonymous said...

camerupt. fail

Anonymous said...

Numel and Camerupt are camels. ;D

Anonymous said...

I would consider Slaking to be a gorilla of some sort

Anonymous said...

I think Slaking is a gorilla...

PsychoDuck said...

@ the last two Anonymous dudes:

I was thinking that, too, but he's really more of a bizarre sloth to me... I think he's reeeeeeally close to a gorilla, but not quite there... He just doesn't have the stature of a majestic silverback, you know?

The Duck Has Spoken.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pokemon really need some big cat pokemon like a Liorron or a tigeara??? I'm bad with names but still they need them for the 5th series.

Anonymous said...

i dont think they have made a stingray or a koala bear.
also, a hedgehog. not to be confused with sandshrew(shrew) & sandslash(echidna)

Anonymous said...

5th Gen has a girrila i think