Monday, March 10, 2008

Poll #30: "Will you be getting Brawl on day one?" results, banner, news

"Hell yes!" 32 (82%)
"Perhaps" 0 (0%)
"Nope" 4 (10%)
"Already imported it!" 2 (5%)
"Other" 1 (2%)

Well, damned if those results weren't expected! When I stood in line on Sunday, it was the biggest grouping of gamers I've seen yet! Possibly even bigger than the Wii launch itself! I'm lucky I got there when I did, or else my place in third would have been a far-off dream.

So, in keeping with the Brawl madness, this week's banner is based around the game of the hour. Yeah, the trimming around Sonic blows chunks. At least I tried.

Okay then, here's this week's poll: "What control scheme in Brawl do you use most?" Kotaku rip-off? Sorta, but this is a pretty different audience here, so I'm curious to see how different the results turn out. Plus, everyone's doing something Brawl related as a poll, so oh well.

...and I kinda though up this poll before I saw the Kotaku one, but time travel has yet to be perfected.

Anyways, I prefer the Wiimote and Nunchuk. I started off with the Gamecube controller, but after trying out the others, the two-handed method really worked for me. Classic controller is pretty cool, and I'm surprised how much they managed to cram into the sideways Wiimote. But I'll leave anything more to the review...

Speaking of the review, it's going to be a little different this week. Every post from now until Friday is going to be part of a Brawl review. Tonight will be about the controls, Wednesday will be about the non-Brawl modes, and Friday will be about the main events. It's such a huge game that cramming it all into one review just doesn't seem right to me. So three parts it is!

Let Brawl Week begin!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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