Thursday, November 13, 2008

Garry's Mod Scenes: A Day at the Theatre

I feel kinda bad for backing out of updates so much lately, even under these circumstances. I hope you enjoy this pseudo-apology in the form of a new type of article, Garry's Mod Scenes.

I was just messing around with Garry's Mod a few days back, practicing my ragdoll posing and messing with the finger and face posers. After posing one character, I decided to make a whole scene. I call it "A Day at the Theatre".

First off, here's an overview of the scene. After I finished these I realized I probably should have made it in the "dark room" for a more authentic movie scene... Oh well. I suppose it's just an eerily well-lit theatre, then. And, uh... Mind ignoring the cracks in the wall? I was more focused on the ragdolls than anything else, so can you do the same for viewing the scene?

Alyx sure isn't happy... I suppose it's safe to say that she doesn't return the Vortigaunt's feelings. I mean, sure, some Vorts saved her life, but I think a simple "thanks" would suffice for that...

Oh that poor Vortigaunt... He'll never get any, will he? I suppose I should be thankful for this. I'm in no hurry to see a traditional Vortigaunt mating ritual.

I think it's safe to say that Dr. Breen isn't enjoying the film very much (He threw that bag in the first pic, and that can looks like it's next). What's not to like about this?:

Maybe it's just me, but political documentaries are kinda cool. I think Breen's more of a war movie fan.

Poor Eli just can't catch a break, can he? First he loses his leg, and now he ends up having his film ruined. What's next? Is his popcorn soggy?

And through it all, Barney's catching up on his "Z"s. This is actually the first ragdoll I posed, followed by the realization that the chair setup resembled a movie theatre. Barney made it all possible!

I hope y'all enjoyed this little scene I whipped up. I'm by no means a professional at this sort of thing, so I'm sure some Garry's Mod veterans will find a few things wrong here.

Lamaar approves, though!

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Kyle said...

Kinda cool. I never really got Garry's Mod... I know it's one of the more famous Half-Life mods. But what's the point of the Mod? Just to build stuff like you made?

PsychoDuck said...

In a way, yes, Kyle. You can make stuff a lot cooler than this, though. Build cars from scratch, make entire comics, film movies, build stuff with people online... It's great.

The Duck Has Spoken.

Kyle said...

Oh, sounds kinda cool. I guess I could've just looked it up on Wikipeida, but thanks!

goes off to wikipedia...

Anonymous said...


With Garry's Mod... could face Full Life Consequences.

Just thought I'd remind you.

I'm Anonymous kekekeke