Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm through making excuses for the Wii's online shortcomings

I was talking about Animal Crossing: City Folk with a friend online a few minutes ago, and he said he sent me something in-game. He asked if I got it yet, and I said no. Here's how some of the conversation went:

Him: Did you receive my gift on City Folk?
Me: Gift?
Him: Yes, gift.
Me: I, uh... Got money and an apple last week... Was one of those you?
Him: Nope
Me: When did you send it?
Him: Just this morning. Perhaps it takes 24 hours. Who knows, anyways...
Me: Yeah, I'll probably have it tomorrow. Instant mailing would be better, but... Eh, it's the Wii. We just have to make do.

When I said this, I realized... I'm making an excuse for the console. "Yeah, that sucks, but it's just the Wii". Doesn't that seem wrong to you? I know I'm not the only one who does it, either. Heck, the guy I was talking to agreed with me, then said that we just deal with it "Same as we do with [Friend Codes]". We shouldn't have to make excuses or "just deal" with the shortcomings of the Wii. Owners of the other consoles don't seem to do it. It's not as if you hear "Oh, Halo 3 would be better with motion controls, but since this is the 360 I'll forgive it". Why? It's because the other consoles don't have such glaring insufficiencies. Sure, you can say the PS3 is kinda ugly-looking, or that the 360 lacks any sort of motion-sensing, but that doesn't hit as hard as the comparatively pathetic online capabilities of the Wii. After all, consoles have been online since last generation, with even a couple major portables joining in, but the Wii just can't get with the program.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the Wii, but I'm getting really tired of constantly making excuses for its shortcomings. That's just about all I have to say, really. Low-end graphics? Say what you will, but the Wii's still pretty darn powerful. Weak third-party support? That's not even the Wii's fault. But when it comes to the undeniable fact that its online abilities are severely gimped, well, I can't just say "Whatever, it's the Wii. Deal." I'm tired of making excuses, and I'm tired of just dealing with it. Nintendo, I love your products, but please step things up with the Wii 2 (Or whatever crazy name you give it). If things aren't at least as good as the XBox was last generation... Well, you don't want to know what a legion of angry Nintendo fans can do. Lets just say it involves a large monkey wrench and a certain plumber's "drain pipe".

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