Monday, November 3, 2008

Poll #63: "Have you ever gone Trick or Treating as a video game character?" results, banner

"Yes, multiple times!" 2 votes (8%)
"Yes, once" 4 votes (17%)
"No, but I will this year!" 1 votes (4%)
"No" 16 votes (69%)

I'm somewhat surprised with these results, to be honest. 69% have never, ever done it, and probably plan to never, ever do it in the future? Only 25% have masqueraded on Halloween as a game character at least once? This is nuts. I really expected to see quite the opposite results. Oh well, we can't always be right.

Moving along, this week's banner is from forum member ryanrab1, and the theme is Samus Aran, everyone's favourite bounty hunter in space with two X chromosomes.

As for this week's poll, the question is "Can you wait until next year for the DSi?" While at first I was ready to import that sucker right off the bat, all this news of region locking and the fact it costs $300 to import have convinced me to wait. It hasn't stopped some folks, though, so let's try and get an idea of just how many of us are waiting compared to how many are jumping on it right now.

Tonight's article will be up whenever I manage to think of a subject.


Kyle said...

Oh man, that banner is bad ass. Your site has some of the best banners I've seen. You should be proud of all that awesomeness contained in a single picture file!

ryanrab1 said...

Why, thank you!

(I'm the one who did that banner)