Monday, November 10, 2008

Poll #64: "Can you wait until next year for the DSi?" results, banner

"Yes" 15 votes (53%)
"No, I need it now!" 3 votes (10%)
"I already have it, I'm in Japan!" 0 votes (0%)
"I've already imported it" 1 votes (3%)
"I don't want the DSi" 9 votes (32%)

While it seems most of us want the DSi, it also seems the majority can wait a little while for it to come to their continent. After all, I'd rather get my DSi six months from now and have it fully-functioning and English than pay a whole buttload more and get it today.

The theme for this week's banner is Fallout 3, and for the third week in a row, it comes to us from forum member ryanrab1. While I love the idea of Fallout 3, I must curse it for the simple reason that I can't buy it right now. Damned holiday gift-giving and its intense strain on my meager income!

As for this week's poll, the question is "What is your primary gaming system?". I glanced at my Christmas list earlier today and realized that of the five games on it, three are for the PC. Not Wii, not DS, but PC. It startled me, too! That got me thinking... What about your guys? Do you read the mainly Nintendo-related articles here, then retreat to your Playstation 3? Do you secretly play nothing but XBox 360 when I'm not looking? Or are you a Wii fanatic, waggling day and night? Now you can let me know! Oh, and if you vote "Other", please specify what you mean in the comment section.

Tonight's article is forthcoming! No, really!

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