Friday, November 7, 2008

The Mac VS PC ads are full of crap

People just love crapping all over Windows Vista. "Oh, it crashes! Oh, so many errors!" Back when I first got it in September 2007, I agreed. I got errors and it crashed about once a day. For quite some time I was seriously considering switching back to XP, but unless I took the illegal route, there was no good way to do it. Okay, I thought, I can deal with this. It's not too bad. And then, come February 4th, 2008, all the problems disappeared with the release of Service Pack 1. Crashes stopped happening, and errors all but disappeared. I even noticed that there were less Mac VS PC commercials floating about. Well, for a while, at least.

The ads came back after a little while, and they were saying all the same crap as before. It's broken, Mac is better, blah blah blah. I wonder sometimes whether the guys at Apple have even touched Vista since the update. Just about everything wrong with the operating system is fixed now. Sure, it's still a RAM-sucker, but otherwise it's just fine.

A few weeks ago, a new Mac VS PC ad debuted responding to Microsoft's new "I'm a PC" ads, saying that they should have used all that advertising money to "fix Vista". See, that'd be a good idea, but the thing is, Vista isn't broken. It works fine. I don't think I've had a single problem since February that was caused by Vista itself. I've had a few errors and such due to other programs, of course, but that's not the fault of the OS.

Now whenever I see a Mac VS PC ad I just get angry. Before what they said was true, but now it seems they're ignoring all the developments since then and continuing to make Vista look worse than it is.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm a PC sorta guy. Now, I'm not at all hating on you Mac fans out there. I'll never look down on people for something like that. However, I am angry at Apple. They lie continually in their ads, making Vista look like the worst thing ever while constantly dodging the shortcomings of their own operating system.

Also, you gotta love their counter-argument whenever you bring up the fact that almost no games support Mac OSX; "Just use Bootcamp and run Windows!". Oh, is that so? You know, Windows isn't cheap, and neither is an Apple computer of any kind. As if consumers weren't paying out of their asses before. Also, Windows XP is nearly extinct nowadays, meaning that you're supporting Vista in a way by suggesting this. So isn't that just admitting that Vista is better than Mac OSX in a way? Admitting that OSX is inferior to Vista in at least one department? Doesn't that make all of your advertising and mud-slinging moot? "Oh, Vista sucks, but you should use it on a Mac if you want to play games". Uh, yeah.

I generally hate when a company resorts to mud-slinging for their advertising. It makes them look like jerks. That's exactly what Apple is doing. Stop yammering about how terrible Windows Vista is (According to you, anyways) and start talking about what your computers do right. That's what an advertisement should be. Any commercial should basically go "Hey, look at our product. It does this and this and this. Buy our product.", not "The competition's product sucks, sucks sucks. Buy our product.".

You know that old saying "Don't believe everything you hear"? Be sure to keep it in mind next time you see a Mac VS PC commercial. Chances are it's nothing but crap, crap, crap. Vista is a perfectly acceptable operating system, and, while it has its shortcomings, it's nowhere near as bad as Apple makes it sound.

What do you think of these ads? Do you find them funny? Angering? Or do you even give half a damn? Feel free to let me know in the comment section, or this forum thread.

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Shazyzang said...

Macs can't run real PC games either.

Enough Said.