Friday, August 17, 2007

Back from the dead: Forgotten franchises in need of a comeback

Well then, here goes with the last article of the week! Got a busy weekend ahead of me, so I better get this out there quick and hit the sack. Enjoy!

Don't you just hate it when a franchise you love so dearly gets killed for no apparent reason? I'm sure we can all name a few that have unfairly gone the way of the dodo. Here are two I'm particularly hoping will one day make a triumphant return.

Dr. Mario

Not counting the little-known and hardly seen Dr. Mario/Puzzle League combo cartridge for the Game Boy Advance a few years back, there hasn't been a new game in the series since the days of the Nintendo 64. And even then, it hadn't made any notable changes since the original game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Dr. Mario name is long overdue for a true sequel.

But what changes could be made? I'm thinking more virus types, power-ups, and even some online multi-player. There really isn't much more that could be done to the game that wouldn't make it totally different from the original, but, nonetheless, I'd still be more than happy to buy this for my DS Lite. Even if this doesn't happen, can we at least get it on the Virtual Console sometime soon? I'm itchin' for some more virus-bustin' action, and my NES ain't what it used to be in the performance department. Please, Nintendo, bring back the scrubs-wearing Mario that many have grown to love!

Gunstar Heroes

Back in the day, running and gunning side-scrollers were a dime a dozen. But today, their numbers have shrunk drastically to pretty much just Contra and Metal Slug. I think that one dead franchise in dire need of returning is SEGA's classic Gunstar Heroes. Recently, re-released on the Game Boy Advance and Virtual Console, many more gamers than ever before have had the chance to experience this long lost gem. I say, why not bring it back?

Gunstar Heroes would be a perfect fit for the DS, and it could perhaps even employ the use of both screens in a similar fashion to Sonic Rush, allowing for double-tall bosses and levels. With the DS' comparatively massive amount of horsepower compared to the SEGA Genesis, there could be far more levels, weapons, enemies, playable characters and abilities than ever before! "Gunstar Heroes: Coming soon to Nintendo DS"... I can't wait until the day I finally see that name again...

There ya go, folks! Two franchises I really want to see arise from the gaming grave. What are some franchises you feel are long overdue for a return?

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Trance Gibson said...

Gunstar Super Heroes wasn't a remake. It was an entirely brand new game that was in the style of the original. It was cool but since it didn't have co-op, GSH failed.

Dr.Mario is a by all means a great puzzle game, but there isn't much they can do with it in terms of evolutionary standards.

I definitely would like to see Kid Icarus, Mach Rider, and Stunt Race FX come back for the new generation.

Kid Icarus can be be handled by Retro as a 3rd person platformer/adventure.

Mach Rider can be done by Nintendo's EAD studio or Amusement Vision on the Triforce Arcade Board. Yes, I am referring to F-Zero GX's supremeness in speed, action, and quick twitch gameplay.

And Stunt Race FX can be done on the Wii with outrageous and over-exaggerated controls on the Wii. Think ExciteTruck, just with eyes on the vehicles. And of course, a more robust trick system and physics engine.

Anonymous said...

Kid Icarus, obviously!

Anonymous said...

Boogerman: A Pick n' Flick Adventure! But seriously, a sidescrolling Metroid on DS in the likes of New Super Mario Bros. or something. NEW Super Metroid!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

...How about EARTHBOUND?