Tuesday, August 7, 2007

No article tonight *UPDATE*

Nothing today, folks. I'll edit this post with some more info tomorrow.

The short story: Health issues


You may remember me commenting on a nasty sunburn in the Chat Box the other day. Well, yesterday, it got even nastier. It felt like I was being stabbed in the shoulders with red-hot knives. If was so bad, I had to hit the local hospital to get checked out.

So, after THREE HOURS in the waiting room, I finally got in and the doc wrote me a prescription for some ultra-strength Tylenol to combat the pain.

So, I'm pretty much all better now, except for some random stabbing pains (Less severe than before, though). But I really couldn't concentrate enough last night to write more than the two lines you see above. Well, now you know what happened. I'll be fine in a couple of days. Regularly scheduled articles will resume tonight.

I guess the pain wasn't too badly timed, anyways. It was a civic holiday yesterday, so TECHNICALLY I still stood by my weekday schedule, as Monday was TECHNICALLY a weekend. I don't think I'll count yesterday as missed.

Again, regular articles resume tonight!

The Duck Has Spoken.


CMM1215 said...


I hope the health issues are resolved ASAP...happy, lively ducks are O So Much Better than pooped out sneezing ducks. :)

Feel better soon :(

alexanderpas said...

the long story???

hope to see you back tomorrow!