Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bits and pieces: Random game ideas volume 2

Okay, short article tonight, folks. Wait a sec, it's morning... Nonetheless, here's another Bits and pieces article.

Another Cing mystery game

You may not know Cing by their company name, but they are the developers of Trace Memory/Another Code and Hotel Dusk: Room 215, two very good mystery games on the DS (Although the former is rather short). They have a great talent for using everything a console has to offer. With the DS, they've used the touchscreen, the microphone and even the clamshell design to their advantage. In one scene in Hotel Dusk, they even exploit a flaw with the DS design, and force you to touch two places on the lower screen at once (Took me ages to figure that one out...).

The possibilities with the Wii are even more amazing. The Wii remote and the Nunchuk could be used in tandem for pinching, lifting and grabbing motions, and in many more ways than I can even imagine. Heck, they'll probably figure out a way to integrate unplugging the Nunchuk! I don't at all doubt Cing's abilities, and I'm positive they'll find a way to use the Wii to it's fullest if they decide to develop for it. But, as of now, they are busy working on the life-sim King Story with Town Factory and Marvelous Interactive. I'm confident their ingenuity will add greatly to this title, and I eagerly await it's release.

But beyond King Story, I look forward with just as much anticipation to their inevitable Wii mystery game...

Ace Attorney (Formerly known as "Phoenix Wright")

This is pretty much a no-brainer, especially when considering the all-important investigative stages. Instead of merely tapping an object and selecting ways to analyze it, Ace Attorney Wii could take full use of the Wii remote, allowing the player to poke and prod the potential evidence in whatever way they wish. Such interactions could reveal something tucked inside of an envelope or maybe even find a secret button in a stuffed doll. Of course, there would be a meter of sorts on screen during this time, which would fill a little bit every time you touch the evidence. Depending on what is done to the evidence, the meter may fill up more or less. If the meter is ever completely filled, you will be accused of tampering with evidence, and repercussions could include inability to present said evidence or even being ejected from the crime scene.

The game could also take advantage of the Wii's comparatively gargantuan amount of horsepower, and add in things such as voice acting, special effects and even full 3D crime scenes. The characters, however, should retain their two-dimensional appearance, but perhaps their animations could be neatened up a little, perhaps even to the point of anime quality movement. Yes, Ace Attorney would be a perfect fit for the Wii, and I can only hope that Capcom thinks the same thing. If I don't see a Ace Attorney Wii by the end of the console's lifespan, I will be very, VERY angry. And you will not like me when I am angry...

So then, there's a little article for you guys. This is pretty much the equivalent of "filler" on a webcomic, but, just the same, it's better than nothing. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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