Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How can Pokémon be revolutionized for the next generation?

Starting early again today. Maybe I'll be able to finish by nine o'clock for once!

Pokémon has been a cultural phenomenon in North America since 1998, and even longer than that in Asia. With all this time gone by, ideas seem to be running fairly thin when it comes to what can be done with the next generation. Each new generation of games has introduced something new to the series, and with that being said, there are few innovations left for the future of the franchise. Well, folks, I've been brainstorming, and I've actually thought up two things Nintendo has yet to do in the Pokémon games!

The ability to Fly to any visited location on the map

The Hidden Machine (Or HM) Fly has been around since the first days of the series. It allows players to instantly warp to any visited town or city on the map, greatly decreasing time spent trudging through tunnels and endless routes.

With Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, a milestone was achieved when players gained the ability to Fly to a location which is neither a city or a town. That place was the Pal Park, a special facility which allowed Pokémon to be imported from earlier versions of the game. I say, why not take this one step further? Why not allow us to Fly to any previously visited point on the map?

Imagine being able to travel anywhere throughout
the entire Sinnoh region by simply Flying...

It would all be pretty simple, really. All routes, remote buildings and islands you've visited at least once would from then on be selectable when you Fly. Perhaps you wish to visit Bill in Kanto, but don't feel like flying to Cerulean and walking all the way there? No problem! Just simply place your cursor above Bill's house on the Fly map, press A, and off you go! It really couldn't be much simpler.

Of course, there would be some obvious limitations. There'd be no Flying to underground locations or anything like that, and you wouldn't be able to land on water unless you have a Surf-enabled Pokémon in your party. Despite these limitations, being able to Fly nearly anywhere would still be a great addition to the franchise.

Seasonal terrains and Pokémon

In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, desert terrain and overgrown grass were introduced to the franchise. And after that, swamps and snow-bound conditions were added in Diamond and Pearl. How about some new terrain in the next games? I'm thinking we should add some season-sensitive terrains to the mix! Using the DS' built-in calendar, water conditions could change depending on the current season. If it's Summer, water levels could drop slightly due to the intense heat causing rapid evaporation. In Winter, some narrow rivers and the edges of lakes could freeze over, perhaps attracting some Ice-type Pokémon such as Seel and Jynx to the area.

In fact, there could be a whole slew of season-specific Pokémon that would only appear when the conditions are right. Remember how some Pokémon may appear only during the day, and some appear exclusively at night? The same could apply to the seasons! In Winter, several species of Ice Pokémon would appear, and during the Summer, Fire types would become more prevalent. And some Pokémon could even change colours in the Winter, similar to some species of hares and rabbits. And perhaps during the Winter, bird Pokémon would flock to the Southern reaches of the region, and some types may not even appear at all! The possibilities of season-specific Pokémon are nearly endless!

There you have it, folks: Two things that Nintendo has NOT implemented in any Pokémon game released so far! Can you think of anything I may have missed?

The Duck Has Spoken.


alexanderpas said...

i guess they will include this... one at a time...

Anonymous said...

If you could fly anywhere on the map,won't it being taking out all the effort you put in when playing the game??.Sorry for being rude,but what kind off person whit a game that went worldwide would put seasons of a SPECIFIC area on the world map??.With pokemon changing every now and then, wouldn't it be a bit confusing??BTW wouldn't it piss you off if you have to wait 1 WHOLE YEAR to just catch 1 single pokemon??? Jasper22495