Friday, August 10, 2007

The future of Wii preview channels

Yeah, you probably all saw this subject coming...

Perhaps the most unique Wii Channel yet was released today, in the form of a Metroid Prime 3: Corruption preview. Sure, it's basically just a couple of videos and a hidden image gallery, but it's still something. What else could be done with the idea of Preview Channels? Here are my thoughts on this new format of Wii Channels.

First of all, I think a great idea would be a contest. For example, let's say that in a future Preview Channel, there's a mini-game or something like that. The top ten or so scorers in the game would get a free copy of the promoted software, or maybe even some exclusive merchandise. Not only would this be fun and rewarding for players, but a contest would really help get the buzz pumping.

Another great idea for future previews would be some sort of virtual treasure hunt. For example, the first clue would be given to you by the Preview Channel. This clue would then lead you to a website, where another clue could be found, and so on. At the end of the hunt, people's hard work would be rewarded with exclusive game info, downloadable wallpapers or maybe even a secret trailer. Things like this always get people talking (Great for buzz), plus, it's just plain old fun!

Of course, everybody wants to see some actual demo play when it comes to these previews. Sadly, I don't think such a thing is feasible. A preview of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, for example, would require music, sound effects, entire levels and control schematics. To top it all off, the demo would need to have graphics nearly exactly the same quality of the final game.

Now, I know The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time is no small game, and it's available for download. Why can't a demo of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption be possible if such a massive game as Ocarina of Time is? Well, compared to Metroid, Ocarina of Time has low quality graphics and crappy sound, not to mention the fact that it relies entirely on button-press input, which I'm nearly positive takes up much less space than full-motion detection (In addition to button-press) input. Sorry, but demos are just way out of the question when it comes to Preview Channels.

So, while demos may not be possible with Preview Channels, there's still plenty of positive potential behind this new idea. And if Nintendo bothers to make such niche software as a preview for a video game, who knows what other channels may be on the way? If nothing else, Preview Channels smash open the floodgates for new channel ideas. And all we have to do is sit back, relax, and blast away space pirates.

The Duck Has Spoken.


CMM1215 said...

There's definitely a ton of potential with future Preview Channels...although I certainly hope that they're a little bit better constructed than the Prime 3 one.

Still though, it was a very nice surprise to see a new Channel this morning, and it certainly got people talking.

I'm also hoping it will take on another functionality once its time and usefulness is up.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Demos are indeed possible. Noqw this about this a game demo is used to demonstrate only a few things that being the game play the graphics and what ever is unique about the game. Now do you need a giant level to show this. The answer is no you don't.

I completely see it possible to make a demo maybe as long as the bridge battle video as seen in the MP3 preview. You must remember we are not dealing is HD graphics so the size of the demo is much smaller. We're looking at something like the Halo demo was for the Pc but with smaller levels so the file size could be only 125 megs.

Sure it seems like a lot but its only a demo and can be deleted right after you test out the game. SO Demo's are POSSIBLE.

Anonymous said...

actually zelda:OOT is rather small. smaller than 20mb I know that much. (compared to psx=700mb, ps2=3GB) Demos might be too big for the wii hard drive to handle. I dont believe its that big.