Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mini-Article: Random Wii improvement ideas

These are just a few ideas I thought up that would improve the Wii. I guess some of them have been thought of before, but at least I can give my own spin on things to change it up.

Virtual Console additions notification
Sure, you and I have e-mail alerts and Go Nintendo to keep us on top of the new Virtual Console releases, but not everyone subscribes to Nintendo or keeps up with the news sites. Just the other day my brother-in-law asked me when F-Zero (SNES) would be hitting the Virtual Console. He had no idea it was already released!

Sure, a recent firmware upgrade makes it so new releases scroll by on the Shop Channel icon, but the preview images are so tiny, and it only shows a small selection of the recent releases. I think Nintendo should send you e-mails every Monday (Or whatever day they're released in your region) telling you what games were just released. It wouldn't take much work to arrange, and it would surely pay off if users knew what games were available.

USB hard drive support
I know I'm nowhere near the first person to suggest this, but dang it, this is really becoming a problem! I've already filled up about half of my Wii's memory with channels, saves and Virtual Console games, and it's only been 15 months!

I've heard the whole "Wii refrigerator" side of things, but that's not exactly the greatest alternative. Deleting and re-downloading games is a real pain, especially if your wireless network isn't exactly Mr. Reliable. I just think that hard drive support should be there as an option for the people who like having a well-stocked fridge.

Actually use WiiConnect24 for something
Remember all the talk we heard before the Wii came out? Talk of instant downloads and automatic updates? Well, either my Wii is broken, or this never happened. Will any of these promises come true in the future? Or will Animal Crossing Wii lack the option to visit towns when your pal's not there? This was a big example of WiiConnect24's power, and considering how things have been going so far, well, I'm not so sure it can happen anymore.

Would it be so hard to actually have a Wii online all the time? Is it so crazy to have a Wii automatically update itself? Maybe they're just afraid we'll overflow our fridges...

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Rawful said...

I sure hope they do allow you to go to friends towns when they aren't home in the upcoming AC game.
They pretty much promised us that.