Monday, February 11, 2008

Poll #26: "Which two characters make gaming's greatest couple?" results, banner

Here we go, then, with the poll results!

"Mario and Princess Peach" 15 (28%)
"Link and Zelda" 16 (30%)
"Sonic and Amy Rose" 6 (11%)
"Fox and Krystal" 0 (0%)
"Luigi and Daisy" 4 (7%)
"Other" 5 (9%)
"I don't know" 0 (0%)
"I don't care" 7 (13%)

So Link and Zelda barely manage to steal the win from Mario and Peach. Not too surprised that these two couples were neck-in-neck. They are the two most famous of Nintendo games.

As for this week's banner, it's a real treat this time around. Using the characters in last week's poll, forum member NaomiLoon made the banner you see above. All the characters are having a nice little Valentine's Day picnic. Well, except maybe Luigi and Daisy...

And as always, there's this week's new poll: "What is your least favourite Nintendo franchise?". I thought this would be an interesting one. I'm not sure where my vote's going just yet...

Okay then, the article will be up in a bit. Until then, feel free to enjoy the new banner!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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