Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Poll #28: "Do you like voice chat in online games?" results, banner

"I love it" 7 (16%)
"It has it's ups and downs" 6 (13%)
"No, never. It's terrible." 2 (4%)
"Only if there's an "off" switch" 12 (27%)
"If it's friends only, count me in" 12 (27%)
"I don't know." 4 (9%)

So, it seems most people are okay with voice chat, as long as there's a few restrictions in place. I tell ya, chatting with random strangers can be a real "experience".

This week's banner isn't quite what I had hoped for. Originally it was supposed to be an animated GIF, but my GIF-making program has size restrictions, making it impossible for me to whip up a properly-sized banner. So, instead, here's a frame of the GIF that never was. As you can no undoubtedly tell, the theme is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the recently-released successor to the Phoenix Wright series of games.

(PS: If you really wanna see the GIF version, you can check it out on the forums)

Alright, that just leaves this week's poll: "Wii Pay to Play: What do you think?". I'm seriously interested to see the results on this one.

New article should be up in a bit!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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