Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Babbling 2

Time for me to just rattle off a bunch of weird junk again. Whatever my 2AM brain thinks up goes down here.

What does THQ stand for? Seriously, no matter where I look, I just can't find any information on what it's an abbreviation for. Perhaps it was named after the founder of the company's initials. I'm sure Thadeus Hornblatt Quintessential is proud of his company's success.

Maybe I've been playing too much Wii, but I keep rotating my mouse in Half-Life 2, somehow hoping it'll rotate the item I'm holding. Of course, it doesn't work, but damned if it wouldn't be great. It's a real pain orienting whatever you're holding otherwise...

Speaking of motion controls, I sometimes shake my left hand when I need to reload in an FPS, no matter what console I'm playing it on. I need to remember that my keyboard doesn't have a gyroscope... Nor does a PS2 controller.

I was getting myself a bowl of in-the-shell peanuts yesterday, and I pulled a stick out of the bag. I feel like calling customer service just to freak out the quality control dudes. Oh to be a fly on the wall.

I was surfing around randomly earlier today, and I stumbled across instructions for a do-it-yourself long-range listening device. I sometimes worry about how resourceful humans can be.

I sometimes wonder who greenlights some of these movie games. Since when was something like Napoleon Dynamite worth making into a game? Almost nothing applicable to entertainment software was found in the original movie, but, lo and behold, it's sitting on store shelves as I write this. As long as it stays sitting there and doesn't actually sell, I'm fine.

Am I the only person who's noticed that snowflakes look a heck of a lot like dandruff? Whenever it starts snowing outside my window I almost feel like checking to make sure my upstairs neighbour isn't scratching her head out a third floor window. You just never know with neighbours.

I don't really care all that much about what features the next DS has, so long as one of them is a crack-proof hinge. That little fracture mocks me day and night. If they just re-released the DS Lite with a new hinge guaranteed never to crack, I'd buy three of them. One to play, one to keep, and one to deliberately abuse, just to see how crack-proof the hinge really is.

I just can't find a good set of speakers. The ones I had before crackled, and so do the new pair. They don't even have to be hooked up to the PC. If they're turned on, they crackle. I must have angered the speaker gods when I accidentally broke that audio port on my PC. It was an accident, dammit!

Speaking of computers, I don't think a reliable wireless internet connection even exists. No matter what I do, I can almost never get a steady connection with anything. DS Lite, Wii, USB wireless internet adapter... None of it works for more than a few minutes. I feel like burning my wireless router. Destroying things solves all.

Rumour has it Mewtwo and Roy will be downloadable characters for Brawl. Rumour or not, I'll hold onto any hope to have Mewtwo playable again. Lucario just isn't the same... And besides, everything's better with more Pokémon!

The tricks in Mario Kart Wii worry me somewhat. I don't know about you, but they seem to be diluting the experience. Let's hope they're far less prevalent than the promos lead us to believe. I want Mario Kart Wii, not Mario's Pro Skater.

Neither my N64 or my NES seem to work anymore. Maybe I angered the gaming gods when I dropped my DS to test the NERF case... I really need to stop pissing off fictitious deities.

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Kaphei said...

THQ Inc. (Toy Headquarters) rofl

alexanderpas said...

What does THQ stand for?
- Toy Headquarters