Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Poll #27: "What is your least favourite Nintendo franchise?" results, banner, news

"Mario" 2 (2%)
"The Legend of Zelda" 2 (2%)
"Pokemon" 6 (8%)
"Star Fox" 14 (19%)
"Kirby" 10 (13%)
"Animal Crossing" 12 (16%)
"Metroid" 4 (5%)
"Other" 14 (19%)
"I can't choose" 8 (11%)

So it's a tie between Star Fox and Other. Not sure what to say here, other than a big "ouch" to Fox and crew. And I can't believe anybody said they liked Zelda least. That just boggles my mind.

This week's banner is just something I whipped up real quick. And I mean really, incredibly quick. It's nothing special, just some Mario Kart Wii art over a Super Mario Kart screenshot. Added a sepia tone and some film grain for a classic sort of look, and slapped a logo and the site name onto it. I might replace it later with something better, but not now.

As you can tell from this post's time stamp, there won't be a new article tonight. I'd make some sort of excuse about today being a holiday and stuff, but to tell the truth, I was playing Half-Life 2. Sorry! I know, that's a pretty lame reason... To make it up, I'll write something up tomorrow ASAP. I promise!

As for this week's poll, the topic is "Do you like voice chat in online games?". A popular complaint among Wii owners is the lack of voice chat in any online Wii game so far. But I don't really think talking to some random person on the other side of the planet is all that great, especially considering all the unnecessary profanity I often encounter. Hey, maybe you think different. That's what voting's for!

So then, new article tomorrow, and possibly a better banner as well. And now I sleep.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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