Monday, February 4, 2008

Poll #25: "About how many hours of gaming do you get each week?" results, banner

"0 to 3 hours" 5 (11%)
"3 to 10 hours" 16 (37%)
"10 to 20 hours" 10 (23%)
"20 to 50 hours" 5 (11%)
"50 or more hours" 4 (9%)
"I don't know" 3 (6%)

It seems everybody gets their fair share of gaming every week. Isn't it great how easy it is to squeeze in a few minutes now and then, even with the busiest of schedules? You sure can't say the same for movies.

Now then, this week's banner is by your's truly! The theme is a mix of both Animal Crossing and Winter. Two great things that go great together! Why Animal Crossing? Why not! And I have been watching the subbed movie on Youtube...

Remember, you can always submit banners via this thread, or by sending it to my e-mail listed in the sidebar. Either way, I hope to see your creations!

Finally, make sure to vote on this week's poll: "Which two characters make gaming's greatest couple?". You can think of it as an early Valentine's Day sort of poll if you want to.

New article is on the way!

The Duck Has Spoken.

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