Monday, July 30, 2007

What animal hasn't been made into a Pokémon?

I thought I'd write something a little light-hearted today. So here we go!

Pokémon has been around since 1998, and now the creature's numbers add up to 493. Many Pokémon are based on real animals (Pikachu is like a mouse, Ekans is like a snake). With nearly 500 of these guys, it's hard to imagine ANY animal that hasn't been turned into a Pokémon. But, I have thought up a scant few creatures that have so far been spared the Pokémon treatment. And so, I present to you: Animals that have NOT been made into Pokémon!

Duck-billed platypus

This bizarre, unclassifiable creature of the Australian waters has so far been left untouched by Game Freak. But, for how long will this hold true? Perhaps the fifth generation will introduce this Aussie oddity to the world of Pokémon...

Closest Pokemon relative: Psyduck


The great Canadian moose in one other rare species of animal not yet made into a Pokémon. How long until this is no longer true? I'm guessing 5 years.

Closest Pokémon relative: Stantler


Perhaps the only thing holding back the noble hedgehog from becoming a Pokémon is a certain blue video game character of the same species...

Closest Pokémon relative: Cyndaquil

Praying mantis

I'm really surprised this has managed to avoid becoming a Pokémon all these years. I mean, if you think about it, a praying mantis would make a pretty cool Pokémon. It's only a matter of years on this one, folks.

Closest Pokémon relative: Scyther


Now that's just wrong.

The Duck Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Bush Bush Bush *shakes head*

Anonymous said...

Well, the platypus by itself is already a pokémon.... Seriously, what changes would have to be made? None come to my mind. Just make it shoot water, and its done.

ModestMr.Green said...

Well, I suck at Pokemon...but I personally prefer the ones that aren't ripped off of real-life animals. I mean...Pikachu is different enough to distinguish it, but Pokemon like "Manaphy" (don't slaughter me if that's spelled wrong), the Manatee-like Pokemon, really irk me.

That's why I like Wobuffet, Machop, etc. that I think about it though...a Pokemon based on Glompy would kick ass. Oh yes.

alexanderpas said...

George W. Bush

Closest Pokémon relative: Mr. Mime

PsychoDuck said...


The Pokemon you're thinking of is Mantine (Or it's baby form, Mantyke). Also, Glompy?

@ alexanderpas:

I was thinking Primape. They're both monkeys that attack first and ask questions later :P

The Duck Has Spoken.

Jon said...

Actually you're both wrong. The Pokemon he was thinking of was Dewgong (interesting to note that in early release images for Pokemon Red/Blue, that Pokemon was going to be named Manaty).

Also, Scyther is out and out a praying mantis. Its Species is "Mantis Pokemon". The Platypus could work though, as Psyduck's evolution Golduck is more related to the mythical Japanese monster the Kappa.

PsychoDuck said...

Y'know what, Jon? After I posted this article, I started thinking the exact same thing (About Scyther)! Thanks for the feedback there.

And Dewgong was originally called Manty? Weird. I supposed it's best they left the name to Mantine, though.

The Duck Has Spoken.

Anonymous said...

Umm... *cough**cough*

PsychoDuck said...

Well, there go hedgehog and praying mantis... Um... Wow, except for moose and platypus, I think they really have run out of animals!

Wait... Has there been a tiger? As in, a striped feline Pokemon? Gah, I'm really reaching now :|

The Duck Has Spoken.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what do you mean kangaroo there's Kanghaskahn

Anonymous said...

There's another Pokemon that closely resembles a hedgehog called Shaymin (in its original/ground form). Cyndaquil appears to be based on the echidna due to its elongated snout.

AndrePaz said...

There is no flamingo or Platypus or tiger

pseudo-Tiger: Raikou , though it means to be a legendary dog

Armadillo: that's easy, Sandshrew

eel: gorebyss and huntail

zebra: in fifth generation they covered it; it's an electric zebra : )