Monday, July 14, 2008

Poll #48: "When was the last time you played a Wii game?" results, banner

"Today" 17 votes (45%)
"Yesterday" 5 votes (13%)
"A few days ago" 5 votes (13%)
"About a week ago" 2 votes (5%)
"A couple few weeks ago" 2 votes (5%)
"About a month ago" 1 vote (2%)
"Quite some time ago" 4 votes (10%)
"I don't know" 0 votes (0%)
"I've never played a Wii game" 1 vote (2%)

So, you know how I said last week that I'd hardly played Wii at all? Well, since then, I've played Mario Kart Wii basically every single chance I got. Man, now that I'm talking about it, I want to play again...

So, since it's E3 week, I figured it fitting that we have an E3 banner. So, here ya go. Nothing too special, but hey, it's something.

So then, Nintendo sprung a surprise announcement on us this morning: Wii MotionPlus! It'll apparently allow for more precise interpretation of it's position in 3D space, which sounds good to me. But what do you think? Make your thoughts heard in the poll!

Alrighty, new article in a little bit.

The Duck Has Spoken.

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