Friday, July 4, 2008

Bits and pieces: Random game ideas volume 4

I hope all you Americans out there had a great Independence Day!

As always, my brain is going nuts 24/7, spewing out random crap at such a rate to make one's head spin. Once in a while, though, something good does come of it, such as a couple game ideas. Here they are, with laughably bad Photoshop images accompanying them.

Mario Hockey

First of all, there's the idea of Mario Hockey. Now, I'm pretty sure I wrote about this somewhere before, but it surely wasn't in as much detail as this will be. Anyways, the game would be just what it sounds like: A standard Mario/sports crossover along the lines of Strikers, Baseball and Hoops. Like those other games, the sport would be significantly spiced up with the addition of many Mario items, power-ups and craziness. As you can see from the above picture, I'm thinking of items such as Bob-ombs, banana peels and Koopa Shells would join the fray, along with a few rink hazards. Holes in the ice? Random ramps? Perhaps even randomly-falling Whomps?

Just imagine the chaos. There you are, the famous plumber himself, dashing towards the opposing team's net. A Snifit comes out of nowhere, charging at you with a speed-boosting mushroom. You quickly toss out your only item, a banana peel, causing the speeding foe to spin out and fall into a hole in the ice. You keep going, dodging flying shells, exploding Bob-ombs, and various other obstacles. Finally, you reach the net. Bowser stands as goalie, staring you down as he prepares to roast you with his fire breath. You quickly charge up your special shot (A la Strikers), pull back your stick and slam it right between the big reptile's legs. Score one for Mario's team.

Seriously, wouldn't this be great? And just imagine how certain items could affect the rink, too! Bob-ombs causing those pesky holes in the ice, Bowser's fire breath melting the rink's surface into a temporary puddle (It would re-freeze over a few seconds), and even slamming into the ice so hard to make it crack and form a ramp. The possibilities for a Mario Hockey are mind-blowing, and I really hope some developer is busting their ass on this right now. I need the hectic, Mario-fueled ice hockey now, man!

As you are probably aware, a DS game by the name of Pokémon Dash was released back in 2005. Another bit of common knowledge is that this game sucked dramatically. Really, I rented this, and even the standard $8 fee felt like a rip-off. Dash was very close to ending up in last year's Three worst DS games article. It was that bad. The sad thing is, though, the concept was pretty great. Racing with Pokémon? Hell yeah! Nintendo has the technology. They can rebuild this. And thus I propose Pokémon Chase.

Like Dash, Chase would be a racing game starring, of course, Pokémon. The similarities just about end there, though. Instead of being restricted to playing only as Pikachu, players would be able to select from a wide variety of race-ready Pokémon, such as Rapidash, Tauros, Mightyena, and Houndoom. Also unlike Dash, every usable Pokémon in Chase would have it's own special abilities, speed, jump height, and level of maneuverability. For example, a Tauros would be able to knock opponents aside and run very, very fast, but it would have a terrible turning radius and wouldn't be able to jump very well. Rapidash would be quite the same, but would instead have a Flamethrower-like ability enabling it to scorch and slow down its foes temporarily.

Instead of Dash's scattered checkpoint-style gameplay, Chase would be a more straightforward racer like Mario Kart. As in Kart, each track would have its own theme of sorts, each of which mirroring a location in the Pokémon world. There could be a race atop the mountain surrounding Indigo Plateau, a circuit involving the Cycling Road, and perhaps even one taking place on a series of connected rooftops high above Saffron City. I can see so much potential in a completely re-vamped Pokémon racer, and it would be amazing if someone were to make this game a reality. For now, though, I suppose I'll just need to get my Pokémon fix separate from my racing dosage. But getting both at the same time... Wow.

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rj42492 said...

there was an amazingly fun hockey minigame in mario party 5. I would love to see it expanded to a full game, or at least a wiiware.