Monday, July 28, 2008

Poll #50: "What do you think of Animal Crossing: City Folk?" results, banner

Wow, the fiftieth poll! If only it weren't for my internet and my brain dying on several occasions, we could have gotten to this point weeks ago! Oh well, it's still a landmark. Anyways, results ahoy!

"I can't wait to play it!" 25 votes (67%)
"It looks kinda cool" 8 votes (21%)
"Meh." 3 votes (8%)
"I don't like it at all" 1 vote (2%)
"I'm not sure" 0 votes (0%)

Animal Crossing: City Folk looks to be just as big of a time sucker as Wild World and the original game were, if not more so. It seems I'm not the only person eagerly anticipating its addictive grip, as 67% of voters voted "I can't wait to play it!". Honestly, I think that's the largest percentage any poll option has received in the history of the blog. Hooray for Animal Crossing!

This week's banner comes to us courtesy of the insanely inventively-named forum member Psychogoose. His description is probably more accurate than anything I could have thought up: "Embrace the dark side!"

Finally, the subject of this week's poll is "What do you think of third-party software on the Wii so far?". Personally, I think some of them are doing an okay job, but a whole whackload of them seem to be putting hardly any effort into their games. Overall, it's not they aren't doing too bad, but the quality could be a lot higher on the whole.

Alright, that's it for now. Tonight's article will be up in a little while.

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