Monday, July 23, 2007

Chat Box rules

Well, folks, there've been a lot of problems with behaviour in the Chat Box. We've had spammers and people impersonating me. Well, I think it's time to lay down some rules.

RULE #1: Spamming is 100% prohibited in the Chat Box! Never should ANYONE promote sites or blogs in the Chat Box.

An example of spam

Chatter name: Bob
Post content: check out my blog

If you are going to post a link to another site in the Chat Box, please make sure that you have a good reason for doing so, such as backing up a debate. DO NOT POST LINKS JUST TO GET TRAFFIC!!

RULE #2: Never post under someone else's name. This is perhaps the biggest problem as of late, with many people posing as me and giving false information. I have access to the IP addresses of all who post in the Chat Box, so if I suspect someone of impersonating someone else, I have ways of finding out for sure. DO NOT IMPERSONATE ME OR ANY OTHER PEOPLE IN THE CHAT BOX!!

RULE #3: No excessive swearing in the Chat Box! Saying damn, ass or other words like this are fine, but ONLY if you are angry at nobody in particular. Calling people names is strictly prohibited! Also, no homophobic or racial remarks are allowed. DO NOT SWEAR, CURSE OR USE RACIAL SLUR IN THE CHAT BOX!!!

RULE #4: No bad-mouthing the site in the Chat Box! Nobody shall ever blatantly insult this blog! That's not to say all criticism is wrong, however. If you're merely saying you disagree with an article or something like that, fine. If you're saying I did something wrong, fine. But NEVER shall ANYONE say things like "THIS BLOG SUCKS" or "You can't write for s#%$!". If you don't like the site, then stop coming here. DO NOT INSULT ONE DUCK'S OPINION IN THE CHAT BOX!!!

RULE #5: No flooding! Never, for any reason, should ANYONE post several messages in a row! If you're merely saying something you forgot in the last post or correcting a typo, okay. But do NOT stretch out something that could be said in one post!

An example of flooding

Chatter name: Bob
Post #1 content: hey guys
Post #2 content: guess what i noticed
Post #3 content: blah blah blah
Post #4 content: lol this is so dumb XD



Breaking RULE #1: User will be IP banned for 1 day
Breaking RULE #2: User will be IP banned for 2 days
Breaking RULE #3: User will be IP banned for 3 days
Breaking RULE #4: User will be IP banned for 3 days
Breaking RULE #5: User will be IP banned for 2 days

These ban-times are merely the MINIMUM punishment for each infraction! If a rule is broken excessively, I hold the right to increase the ban for as long as I see fit! Also, breaking multiple rules will result in the ban-times for both infractions being added together (Example: If a user breaks rules #3 and #4, they will be banned for 6 days). Finally, do NOT e-mail me begging for a ban reduction. Excessive begging will result in time being added to your ban.

These are the rules of the Chat Box. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, DISOBEY THESE RULES!!!

This rules may be edited at any time, so please check back regularly.


EDIT #1 (Date/Time: July 24th/11:33 AM): Changed ban times from hours to days
EDIT #2 (Date/Time: July 24th/12:53 PM): Added RULE #5: No flooding

The Duck Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...


jeff said...

taking the piss a bit when thats how you get all your traffic linking from gonintendo though aren't you?

PsychoDuck said...

@ Jeff:

If you're talking about the "No spamming" rule, what spammers do there and what I do in the Go Nintendo comments section are completely different. Here's an explanation I wrote, for more clarification. Just ignore the negative tones in it, though, as I take you to be much less angry than some of my other detractors.

The Duck Has Spoken.

Nick said...

i would have never found this site if it wasn't for go nintendo... guess jeff has a point. well, actually i just clicked on your name on GN's site since it was a hyperlink. it wasn't like you just posted "ONE DUCK'S OPINION" in caps 50 times. so i guess i'll side with you duck.


what do i care? i don't even know what the chat box is.