Tuesday, July 10, 2007

E3 is finally here!

Or at least, it will be, in about, oh, 14 hours. If you wanna get a direct feed of the Nintendo Press Conference, I suggest Gamespot. I used them for last year's show, and I encountered no lag or cut-outs whatsoever.

The conference starts at 9:00 AM Pacific. This timezone converter oughta help you find out when it's starting in your neck of the woods. And no, I'm not Al Roker.

So then, set your alarm clocks and prepare for E3!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Hey thx for the link to that time convertor I was always confused when they gave different time zones

brandon said...

Yep Gamespot and Ign or good places to stream, just stay away for 1up!

Anderson said...

thx for the recap

Spectral said...

I watched G4 unforunately. =(