Saturday, July 7, 2007

One Duck's Opinion is NOT shutting down!!!

The person saying that in the Chat Box is NOT the real PsychoDuck! I'm just getting comfortable with the blog, actually, so I sure as hell won't be shutting down anytime soon!

Jeez, I was afraid this would happen... The problem with the Chat Box is there's no way to verify who's who. There is the possibility of a log-on system, but it costs money that I don't have.

However, even though this huge flaw exists, I will be keeping the Chat Box as it helps readers give me more direct feedback.

Also, everyone feel free to e-mail me if you must. This is my e-mail address. If for any reason any of you guys need to contact me, now you know how. My e-mail has also been added to the sidebar for future reference, just look between the posting schedule and personal links.

Once again, the blog is NOT shutting down!

Keep on gamin', folks!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Good ^^

Nick said...

i didn't even know you had a chat box. heck ... i don't even know what that is.

Shadowlatios said...

Haha.. I knew this'd come. He likes your blog so much he wants people to leave it.