Monday, July 30, 2007

Poll #2: "How often do you play your Wii?" results

Hey, dudes, sorry, but I won't be able to get Mario Strikers Charged until tomorrow. From now on, and for all intents and purposes, I'll plan new release impressions on Tuesdays, not Mondays. That way I'm sure to have a copy, and you're sure to not get ripped off. Anywho...

Well then, here are the results for Poll #2: "How often do you play your Wii?":

"Several times a day!" 5 votes (10%)
"Once a day or so." 12 votes (25%)
"Every few days." 17 votes (36%)
"About once a week." 6 votes (12%)
"Every few weeks." 0 votes (0%)
"Haven't played in over a month." 3 votes (6%)
"I don't know." 1 votes (2%)
"I don't have a Wii." 3 votes (6%)

So most of us cram in some time on the Wii every few days. Not bad, really, considering this poll was taken before all the big names are released. I should probably do this poll again in November to see how things have changed!

Also, sorry for this being posted up so late. I couldn't concentrate earlier today because I was so darn tired! So I took a nap, and here we are. Be sure to vote on this week's poll, "Which of the "Big Three" do you most want?". Personally, I can't choose!

New article coming shortly, folks!

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