Saturday, July 21, 2007

Duck's Day Out (Coming soon to a theatre near you)

Okay, I don't actually have a biographic coming out, but damned if it wouldn't be AWESOME!! I think I'd be portrayed well by Jim Carrey... ANYWHO!!! In lieu of a real article this Friday, I will instead be outlining my gaming-laden Friday afternoon and evening. LOTS OF EXPLOSIONS, ACTION AND DRAMA!!! Well, not really... ANYWHO!!!

Well, in the afternoon, I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Awesome movie, highly recommended, etc., etc....

Afterwards, me, my sister and her fiancee went to the local EBGames, were I sold 4 GBA games and a DS game for $33 (CAD) store credit. But before that, my sister (Finally) plunked down the cash to get herself a DS Lite (Pink), Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney (Used) and Pokemon Emerald (Used). And as I was deciding what to do with my $20 + store credit, her fiancee bought his own DS Lite (Black) and Planet Puzzle League (New). And then I purchased Sonic Rush (New) and Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (New), both for the DS. Sonic cost me $24.99 (CAD) and Age of Empires set me back a mere $20 (As MAD Magazine would say, "Cheap!"). In the end, I had a few bucks left, which I kept.

Then we did some more shopping, blah blah blah...

When I got home, I spent some time playing my new games (And having dinner, obviously). About three or so hours after I get home, my friend drops by and invites me to an impromptu "PlayStation Party" (As he called it). So I went, bringing my DS Lite and a few games with me (I knew other people there would be bringing their's).

Once there, I took the role of tech support, hooking up a PS2 to my friends ancient TV (This thing ran off of ANTENNA!). After scratching my head for about 20 minutes, I figured it out. And that's when the party started!

Now, before you start thinking this is gonna be a wild party, lemme clarify a couple of things. Firstly, I was the oldest person there (Besides my friend's mom). Second, my overprotective mother had the phone number and could call anytime. This didn't matter too much, really. We're all sane people (Well, maybe not me, but...), and even if there was a chance to do something bad, I doubt we would have taken it. *Halo appears over head*

So then, once the TV was pushed back into the corner (Had to get my ass there to hook it up), we booted up the PS2 and played some sort of downhill cycling game released in 2002. Normally, I would have been EXTREMELY bored here. But, it was a party, people were hollering at the person in last place, laughing whenever one of us fell off of our bike (A common occurrence), and generally having a good time. Rating that game on it's own, I would maybe give it a 6.0. However, rating it based on how everyone got involved, a sure 10. Local multiplayer is awesome, especially with an audience.

Then after a few rounds, we switched discs to Tekken (What number? Not sure...). I let a couple of the guys duke it out while I lay on the floor playing Age of Empires (JOAN OF ARK WON'T STOP DYING!!!). Then discs were changed to Need For Speed: Underground 2, which I didn't get the chance to play (Ah well...).

After that, the party got REALLY WILD!!! We played... The Game of Life. Say what you will, it was an awesome experience. Everyone yelling and joking and such. One of the guys really took to torturing the bin full of people. So we played... And played... Then it was nearly midnight, and the game was FINALLY over. I came in second, behind the host of the party (Who clearly knows his stuff).

AND THAT WAS MY DAY!!! I woke up at 9 AM, and kept going until nearly 3 AM the next day! IT WAS NUTS. But, overall, a good, game-filled day. I think my lack of post yesterday can be excused, don't you?

PS: Reread this article, but only read the words in bold. Quite the different story, hmm?

The Duck Has Spoken.

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