Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The day of The Duck

Well, I got my copy of Mario Strikers! Pretty cool so far, but that's all I'll be saying until later, okay? Anyways, I did a couple of other things today, and I thought I may as well tell you guys what went down.

I'll spare you my morning ritual (Nothing special there, anyways), and get right to the slightly more interesting part! First of all, you guys should know that today was hot. And when I say "hot", I mean "HOLY CRAP MY EYES JUST MELTED IT'S SO DAMN HOT!!!!". Let's just say I greatly prefer Winter, and leave it at that, okay?

Anyways, knowing how hot it was, I first called my local video store to see if they had Stikers in stock. Of course, they don't, because that would be convenient! So I called my EBGames, they had a few copies, and I was off. So, I leave the house, and I'm met with 31 degrees Celsius of Torontonian Summer. Yay. I get to the bus stop, and the bus is practically already there. Great, right? Wrong, because the bus is ahead of schedule. About four stops later, we stop at an intersection. And we wait. 3 red lights cycle by before the bus gets going again. At a pace that would make a snail laugh. Hoo boy.

When we (Finally) got to my stop, I considered for a moment not thanking the driver as I leave, which I always do, since the ride took for freaking ever. But, I get to the front, and the guy has got a snake tattoo up his left arm. I say "Thanks" and hop off the bus before Snake gets a hold of me.

So I walk to the EBGames (Only about two minutes on foot, but it felt like twenty due to the heat) and plop down my $70, grab my game and my change, and trudge back to the bus.

I want you guys to know that I went through all of this almost entirely for the readers. Under normal circumstances, I would have gladly waited a few days for it to hit my local video store so I wouldn't have to subject myself to the hottest day of the year (So far). I did this for you guys! Hope you appreciate all I do for this blog.

So I get home, give it a whirl, lose the cup right near the end (CURSE YOU, YOSHI!), and decide I've had enough for now. So I retreat to my bedroom to commence work on one of my many projects. And unlike about 80% of my little endeavors, I finished this one! It's a Youtube Poop (Long story for those of you unfamiliar with the term) made entirely out of a Futurama episode. You can watch it here (If you wish to, that is) On the subject of Youtube, I've also added my personal page to the Personal Links section of the sidebar. The more links, the merrier!

Well, that was my day. I hope you enjoyed your last 24 hours! Mario Strikers Charged impressions will be up in a few hours, so hold on to your (Soccer) balls!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

And no one cares.

PsychoDuck said...

And you're an ass. Next, please!

The Duck Has Spoken.