Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A couple of site upgrades

You've probably noticed the addition of a poll below my personal info in the sidebar. Well, I figured it'd be an interesting way to see what you guys think about happenings in the industry. To start it off, I'm asking you what you think of Wii Fit! Make sure to vote! (Note: The poll will be changed every Monday, accompanied with a post stating the results)

Also, I've added a tagline to the site, although it's nothing too special. The catchphrase is "The Duck Has Blogged". If you guys have any great ideas for a new tagline, please say it in the comment section of this article. Don't worry, you'll get your credit!

That is all for now.

The Duck Has Spoken.


ryanrab1 said...

one duck against the world


helping one duck at a time

Anderson said...

Duck - Make your opinion

Mah said...

1 The Duck will speak.

2 Listen to the Duck.

Anonymous said...

duck for president

Spectral said...

Duck or GTFO