Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A special announcement

I am proud to announce that One Duck's Opinion has entered the top ten of GameSites200's top 200 Wii-related websites! Yessir, three months and 60-some-odd posts later, I've made it up to tenth out of 200!

To all those that have voted, thank you all very much! For those of you that haven't... Well, what are you waiting for? The link is in the sidebar, directly below the "Other Great Sites" section! Unless, of course, you think this site unworthy of such an honour, in which case I ask, what the heck are you doing here anyway?

Oh, I'm just jokin'. Anywho, I'm very happy for this amazing milestone! Perhaps one day I can snag first? Only time will tell.

The Duck Has Spoken.


ModestMr.Green said...

WOOT! Congrats!!!!

NaomiKnight said...

Hey-hey, awesome stuff! Good for you, dude!