Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mario Strikers Charged impressions

As you can see below, I got my copy of Mario Strikers Charged today. So here are some quick impressions of the title.

Mario Strikers Charged is the mustachioed plumber's third outing on the Wii (Preceded by Super Paper Mario and Mario Party 8). A sequel to 2005's Gamecube title Super Mario Strikers, Charged looks to be all that the original was and much more. How is it so far? Venture on, valiant reader, to be enlightened.

So far, I've had time to complete all the tutorial stages (I don't know about you, but I'd rather I knew the controls before a hectic soccer game than after.), play 7 rounds of a tournament (And lose), then replay 6 of those 7 matches to pretty much catch up to where I failed. I have not yet ventured online (If I can't beat the first cup on normal difficulty, what makes me think I can beat an actual person online?), nor have I checked out much else than the main single-player game.

The graphics in this game really stand out, as the lighting and character models are all done very well. Also, slowdown doesn't seem like a problem, as I've encountered many things flying across the pitch while eights characters and two goalies pound the ball into oblivion, yet not even the slightest dip in framerate. So far, all seems well on the graphical front.

Sound is pretty cool thus far, although sometimes I find it's gets a little too quiet when the ball's flying around on the court. Where's the pumping rock music? Character voices are all present, with all the usual actors reprising their roles.

Gameplay is hectic as ever, with balls, shells, Bob-ombs, Whomps, cows, tractors, banana peels, and more all pelting the pitch and wreaking havoc on the players. Controls are also quite good so far, although I often mix up the button for items with the button for tackles. That's just me, though.

Overall, things look pretty good so far in Mario's latest futball romp. More details, such as characters, items, online play and more will be discussed in the full review, due out later this week! Until then, look out for PsychoMii online, folks!

The Duck Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

you should play online. Facing a real person will make you better

Anonymous said...

ty 4 reveiw

alexanderpas said...

rule #1: look for tutorial.
rule #2: RTFM for tutorial.
rule #3: rule #4 is only valid when you can't find the requirements for rule #1 and rule #2.
rule #4: go play single player first so you gan get used to the controls.
rule #5: HAVE FUN!!!
rule #6: rule #5 supersedes all other rules (this includes rule #6).